Is Monetary Gold a Scam or Legitimate? – Unveiling the Truth

Monetary Gold, a reputable retailer of precious metals, offers a range of investment options in Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. With its direct dealer status and a commitment to acquiring metals without added markups, the company has gained attention in the market. However, amidst the growing interest, a question arises: “Is Monetary Gold a Scam?” In this article, we aim to objectively analyze the company’s legitimacy, examining its background, offerings, customer reviews, and more to help readers make informed decisions about investing in monetary Gold.

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Company Background and History

Monetary Gold distinguishes itself as a prominent retailer specializing in selling precious metals. Focusing on Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, they cater to individuals seeking to protect and preserve their acquired wealth while safeguarding their financial future. As a trusted source for these valuable commodities, Monetary Gold provides customers with various investment options to diversify their portfolios.

Founded in July of 2000, Monetary Gold has amassed over two decades of experience in the precious metals industry. This longevity is a testament to their stability and reputation within the market. Over the years, they have built a solid foundation, earning the trust of investors looking to capitalize on the potential of precious metals.

Monetary Gold sets itself apart by operating as a direct dealer in the precious metals market. This means they acquire Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium directly from the source, bypassing intermediaries and eliminating additional markups. By cutting out unnecessary costs, they aim to offer competitive prices to their customers, providing them with a transparent and cost-effective investment opportunity.

Types of Precious Metals Offered

Gold Investments

Regarding gold investments, Monetary Gold provides diverse options for investors to consider. Saint Gaudens and Liberty gold coins are popular among collectors and investors. Additionally, they offer the esteemed Gold British Sovereign and the famous Gold American Eagle, providing investors with various choices to suit their preferences and investment goals.

Silver Investments

Monetary Gold understands the appeal of silver as an investment metal and offers a comprehensive selection of silver products. This includes the historic and highly sought-after Morgan Silver Dollars, which have a rich history and appeal to collectors and investors. The Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars are another attractive option, known for their stunning design and silver content. Additionally, Monetary Gold provides the widely recognized Silver American Eagle and the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, both trusted choices for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with silver.

Platinum Investments

Monetary Gold offers prestigious options such as the Platinum American Eagle and the Platinum Maple Leaf for those interested in platinum investments. Platinum, known for its rarity and industrial applications, presents an opportunity for investors seeking to diversify their holdings beyond Gold and silver. These platinum coins, renowned for their quality and purity, are valuable to any investment portfolio.

Palladium Investments

Palladium, another precious metal gaining popularity among investors, is also part of Monetary Gold’s offering. They provide the Maple Leaf Coin, a widely recognized palladium coin that appeals to collectors and investors. Palladium offers a unique investment opportunity with its scarcity and increasing industrial demand. Monetary Gold ensures investors have access to this valuable metal.

What Makes Monetary Gold Special?

Expert And Committed Staff

Monetary Gold prides itself on having an exceptional team of experts dedicated to providing valuable guidance and support to its clients. Their knowledgeable staff members possess a deep understanding of the precious metals market. They are committed to assisting investors in making informed decisions. With their expertise and professionalism, Monetary Gold’s staff ensures customers receive personalized attention and reliable advice throughout their investment journey.

Online Workshops

Recognizing the importance of education in investment, Monetary Gold offers online workshops to empower its clients with knowledge and insights. These workshops provide investors valuable information about the precious metals market, investment strategies, and portfolio diversification. By hosting these educational sessions, Monetary Gold aims to enhance investors’ understanding of the industry and equip them with the tools they need to make informed investment decisions.

Custodian And Storage Services

As part of their commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of their client’s investments, Monetary Gold offers custodian and storage services. They provide safe and reliable storage options for precious metals, allowing investors to store their physical assets securely. These storage facilities are designed to protect the metals from theft, damage, or loss, giving investors peace of mind. By offering custodian and storage services, Monetary Gold demonstrates its dedication to maintaining the value and safety of its client’s investments.

Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals with Monetary Gold

Protection Through Diversification

Investing in precious metals with Monetary Gold offers the benefit of diversification. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium help protect your portfolio against market volatility and downturns. Precious metals act as a hedge, helping to protect against total loss and providing stability during uncertain economic times.

Growth Potential

Precious metals, particularly Gold, and silver, have demonstrated steady growth over the years and have reached new highs. Experts anticipate that their value will continue to rise due to supply constraints. The limited supply and increasing demand contribute to their growth potential, making them attractive assets for investors seeking long-term returns.

Hedge Against Inflation

Gold and silver have historically served as a hedge against inflation. As the value of paper currency diminishes over time due to increased money supply, holding precious metals in your investment portfolio helps maintain the purchasing power of your savings. By investing in monetary Gold, you can mitigate the erosion of the value of money and preserve your wealth.

Financial Security

Investing in a gold-backed IRA with Monetary Gold provides financial security by diversifying and protecting your investments from market volatility and economic uncertainties. By holding physical assets like Gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you can know that your portfolio is well-positioned to weather market fluctuations and maintain stability, especially during retirement.

Diversification With Gold

Gold is an ideal diversification tool for most asset classes due to its historically low correlation with other investments. It reacts differently to market conditions, making it a valuable asset during political and economic uncertainties. Furthermore, Gold acts as a hedge against the erosion of the purchasing power of money, making it an attractive option for wealth diversification.

Tax Advantages

Acquiring Gold and silver over a specific value may exempt you from paying sales taxes in certain regions. Additionally, precious metal coins may offer privacy as they may not require collecting personal information or government oversight during cash-outs. These tax advantages can enhance the benefits of investing in precious metals with Monetary Gold.


Precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, possess high liquidity, rendering them attractive investment options. They can be easily bought and sold 24/7, giving investors flexibility and access to their investments. Monetary Gold ensures a seamless buying and selling process, allowing investors to convert their precious metals into cash when needed.

Monetary Gold Reviews & 3rd-Party Ratings

is Monetary Gold a Scam?Consumer Affairs rating

Monetary Gold has received an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Consumer Affairs. This rating demonstrates the high level of satisfaction expressed by customers who have engaged with Monetary Gold’s services. The positive rating reflects the company’s commitment to providing quality products and excellent customer service.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Monetary Gold holds an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating signifies the company’s commitment to ethical business practices, transparency, and customer satisfaction. The A+ rating from the BBB is a testament to Monetary Gold’s credibility and reliability as a precious metals retailer.

Positive Customer Reviews

Monetary Gold ReviewsNumerous customers have expressed their satisfaction with Monetary Gold’s services. Positive customer reviews highlight the company’s expertise, professionalism, and ease of conducting transactions. Customers have praised the knowledgeable staff who have assisted them in making informed investment decisions and the seamless process of acquiring and storing precious metals.

Lack Of Complaints

One notable aspect of Monetary Gold is the relative absence of complaints. This further reinforces the company’s reputation as a trustworthy and reliable precious metals retailer. The scarcity of complaints suggests that customers have had positive experiences with Monetary Gold, including timely deliveries, secure storage, and responsive customer support.

What Is a Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs, also known as precious metals IRAs, allow investors to own actual Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Unlike traditional IRAs that primarily consist of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, a Gold IRA can diversify retirement savings by including tangible assets with intrinsic value.

By investing in a gold IRA, individuals can purchase and hold precious physical metals in coins, bars, or rounds stored in secure depositories. This type of IRA offers a unique way to protect wealth and hedge against economic uncertainties.

Diversification is a crucial aspect of retirement savings, and a gold IRA plays a significant role in achieving this diversification. While traditional retirement accounts are typically exposed to the fluctuations of the stock market and the potential risks associated with economic downturns, a gold IRA provides a tangible and stable asset class that can act as a hedge against market volatility.

Including precious metals in a retirement portfolio can help reduce overall risk by spreading investments across different asset classes. Gold and other precious metals have typically traded independently of bond and stock markets. This characteristic allows them to serve as a diversification tool that can help protect retirement savings during turbulent times.

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How to Open a Gold IRA with Monetary Gold?

Step-By-Step Guide to Opening a Gold IRA

Opening a gold IRA with Monetary Gold is a straightforward process that can be completed in simple steps. First, individuals must establish a gold IRA account, which involves filling out an application. Monetary Gold assists with this process, and paying a financial advisor for account setup is unnecessary.

Once the application is submitted, the account will be processed, and it usually takes 48-72 hours for it to be opened. Afterward, individuals can proceed with funding the IRA and acquiring precious metals.

Account Establishment Process

The account establishment process involves providing the necessary information and completing the required documentation. Monetary Gold’s IRA specialists are available to guide individuals through this process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. The specialists will assist in completing the application and gathering any additional information that may be required.

Funding Options And Transfers

Monetary Gold offers various funding options for individuals looking to invest in a gold IRA. This includes making contributions directly to the IRA or transferring funds from an existing qualified IRA or 401(k) account. The flexibility in funding options allows individuals to choose the method that best suits their financial situation and investment goals.

Acquiring Precious Metals For The IRA

Once the gold IRA account is funded, individuals will be contacted by their Monetary Gold IRA specialist to execute a purchase order. This involves selecting the desired precious metals, such as Gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, and transferring those metals to a secure depository on behalf of the IRA.

The precious metals acquired for the IRA will undergo a thorough inspection, processing, and insurance process upon arrival at the depository. Subsequently, the IRA custodian will maintain statements and holdings and facilitate future liquidation or physical possession if desired. Monitoring the account’s progress and holdings can be quickly done online, providing individuals convenient access to their investment information.

How to Buy Precious Metals Using Monetary Gold?

Account Creation On The Monetary Gold Website

Individuals need to create an account on the Monetary Gold website to purchase precious metals from Monetary Gold. This process involves providing the necessary information and setting up login credentials. Creating an account allows individuals to access the full range of products and services Monetary Gold offers.

Selection Of Desired Precious Metals

Once the account is created, individuals can browse the precious metals on the Monetary Gold website. The website describes Each product in full, including specs, pricing, and availability. This enables people to make educated selections when picking precious metals for their investment portfolio.

Quantity And Purity Options

Monetary Gold offers various options in terms of quantity and purity when purchasing precious metals. Individuals can choose the quantity of metals they want to purchase based on their investment goals and budget. Additionally, the website provides information about the purity of each product, ensuring transparency and helping individuals make well-informed choices.

Shipping Information And Payment Methods

During purchasing, individuals must provide their shipping information, including the delivery address. Monetary Gold offers secure shipping options to ensure the safe and timely delivery of precious metals to the designated location. In terms of payment methods, individuals can choose between credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, or checks, making the purchasing process convenient and accessible.

Order Review And Placement Process

Before finalizing the purchase, individuals can review their order and verify the selected precious metals, quantities, and pricing. This step ensures accuracy and allows individuals to make necessary adjustments before placing the order. Individuals can proceed with the final step once the order is reviewed and confirmed.

Tracking And Delivery Details

After the order is placed, Monetary Gold provides a tracking number that allows individuals to monitor the progress of their order. This tracking number provides real-time updates on the shipment status, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Individuals can stay informed about the estimated delivery date and make necessary arrangements to receive the precious metals securely.

Monetary Gold Costs and Fees

Price Fluctuation Based On The Gold Market

The prices of precious metals, including Gold, fluctuate based on market conditions. The cost of purchasing Gold from MonetaryGold may vary depending on the prevailing market rates. It’s important to note that the prices listed on the MonetaryGold website are updated regularly to reflect these market fluctuations, ensuring transparency and providing individuals with the most accurate pricing information.

Storage Fees And Delivery Costs

Monetary Gold charges storage fees for individuals storing their precious metals. The annual storage fee for Gold IRAs held at Delaware Depository is $100 for up to $100,000 worth of Gold. For each additional $1,000 worth of Gold, there is an additional fee of $1. This fee structure allows individuals to securely store their precious metals while ensuring reasonable and transparent costs.

In addition to storage fees, Monetary Gold charges a delivery fee for individuals who opt to receive physical Gold or silver. This fee amounts to $30 and covers the insured shipment and discreet packaging to maintain the confidentiality of the package contents. By charging a delivery fee, Monetary Gold ensures the safe and reliable delivery of precious metals to individuals’ designated addresses.

Importance Of Contacting Monetary Gold For Accurate Information

Individuals need to contact Monetary Gold directly to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding costs and fees. While the provided details offer a general understanding of the pricing structure, contacting Monetary Gold ensures that individuals receive the most precise and current information regarding costs, fees, and any potential updates or changes.

Storing precious metals at home is not recommended for several reasons, including security concerns and potential risks. By utilizing the storage services offered by Monetary Gold, individuals can safeguard their investments in a secure and professional environment, providing peace of mind and protecting their assets for the long term.

Final words & verdict

Verdict: Legit!

Overall rating: [usr 4]

Ultimately, our review of Monetary Gold suggests that the company is a reliable and legitimate option for individuals interested in investing in precious metals. The company’s extensive range of precious metal offerings, including Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and their direct dealer status and commitment to fair pricing set them apart in the market.

The positive customer reviews, high ratings, and lack of complaints further attest to the credibility of Monetary Gold. However, we encourage readers to conduct further research and due diligence before making investment decisions. It’s essential to consider personal financial goals, seek professional advice, and evaluate the risks associated with precious metal investments.

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I hope you found this short review on Monetary Gold to be helpful and that you now have a better understanding on if it´s a scam or legit. In our opinion it´s a legit dealer without a doubt. If you have used any of their services then please share your experience in the comment section below as it can help others!

I wish you success!

Mark, founder of Gold IRA King


Is your money safe with Gold?

Gold is generally considered a safe investment due to its historical value retention. However, it’s important to note that Gold carries some risks, as its price can fluctuate. Selling Gold at the wrong time may result in financial losses.

What is the easiest Gold to sell?

Gold bullion, such as bars or coins, is typically the most accessible Gold to sell. These items are easily transportable, verifiable, and traded on various exchanges worldwide.

Does real gold stick to a magnet?

No, real Gold does not stick to a magnet. Gold is a non-magnetic metal, so it doesn’t get attracted to magnets. Nevertheless, certain gold jewelry may contain magnetic metals like silver or copper. To determine the authenticity of your gold jewelry, it’s advisable to consult a jeweler for testing.

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