Is Goldstar Trust Legit? – Unlocking the Truth

When managing your retirement savings, trust and legitimacy are of utmost importance. With numerous options available, finding a reliable self-directed IRA custodian can be a daunting task. That’s where GoldStar Trust comes into play. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Is GoldStar Trust legit?”

Imagine having the freedom to diversify your retirement portfolio beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. GoldStar Trust, a pioneering self-directed IRA custodian, has provided specialized services since its establishment in 1989. But what sets them apart? Are they trustworthy partners for your retirement journey? Let’s find out.

This article will navigate through GoldStar Trust’s background, ownership, customer reviews, self-directed IRA benefits, product offerings, fee structure, customer service, and more. By the end, you’ll understand whether GoldStar Trust lives up to its reputation and can be considered a legitimate choice for your self-directed IRA needs.

So, fasten your seatbelt as we embark on an insightful journey into the world of GoldStar Trust. Together, we will evaluate its legitimacy, compare it to other custodians, and provide tips to make an informed decision for your financial future. Are you ready to reveal the truth behind GoldStar Trust? Let’s begin!

Company Background and Overviewis Goldstar Trust Legit

Founding and History

GoldStar Trust has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1989. It emerged as a pioneering force in self-directed IRAs, allowing individuals to diversify their retirement portfolios with alternative investments. Over the years, GoldStar Trust has been dedicated to providing specialized services as a self-directed IRA custodian, trustee, and escrow/paying agent. With over 30 years of experience, the company has adeptly responded to investors’ evolving demands.

Specialized Services Provided

As a trusted self-directed IRA custodian, GoldStar Trust offers specialized services to empower investors to manage their retirement assets. The company acts as a custodian, holding the assets within self-directed IRAs and ensuring their proper investment. GoldStar Trust may also manage and make investment choices for the client as a trustee. Furthermore, the company provides escrow and paying agent services, assisting clients in buying and selling assets, making payments, and effectively managing their self-directed IRAs.

Reputation and Industry Standing

GoldStar Trust has garnered a reputation for its comprehensive expertise, industry innovation, and friendly, conscientious service. GoldStar Trust has established itself as a prominent player in the self-directed IRA industry, with over $3 billion in assets under its custodianship and serving over 60,000 customers. The company’s commitment to professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction has earned it a strong position within the market.

Notable Figures or Milestones

Throughout its journey, GoldStar Trust has achieved notable milestones. It has been led by individuals who have played instrumental roles in its success. While specific figures may vary, the company has relied on visionary leaders and a dedicated team of professionals to shape its path. These notable figures have contributed to GoldStar Trust’s growth and reputation as a reliable custodian for self-directed IRAs.

GoldStar Trust’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric services has solidified its position as a respected company within the self-directed IRA landscape. As we explore further, we will gain deeper insights into the services offered by GoldStar Trust and understand the factors contributing to its legitimacy as a trustworthy partner for investors’ retirement goals.

Ownership and Management

Understanding the ownership structure and key individuals associated with GoldStar Trust is crucial when evaluating the company’s legitimacy. GoldStar Trust is led by Jeff Kelly, who serves as the President. With his extensive experience in the industry, Jeff Kelly plays a pivotal role in guiding the company toward success and upholding its commitment to excellence.

Another key management team member is Matt Nitschke, who holds the position of Senior Vice President and Business Development Manager. With his strategic insights and expertise, Matt Nitschke contributes to the growth and expansion of GoldStar Trust, ensuring that it continues to provide innovative solutions and exceptional services to its customers.

GoldStar Trust also boasts a talented and experienced team of professionals in various roles. These include compliance and risk management experts, asset management, operations, and support. Their collective knowledge and skills ensure that GoldStar Trust maintains compliance with industry regulations, effectively manages assets, and delivers reliable services to its clients.

It is worth noting that GoldStar Trust publicly discloses information about its team members on its website. This transparency highlights the company’s commitment to building customer trust and credibility.

The dedicated ownership and management team at GoldStar Trust, along with their wealth of expertise, reinforces the company’s position as a reputable self-directed IRA custodian. Their leadership and professionalism contribute to the overall legitimacy of GoldStar Trust and provide investors with the confidence they need to entrust their retirement assets to the company.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

One of the essential aspects of assessing the legitimacy and quality of a company is examining customer reviews and ratings. In the case of GoldStar Trust, an important indicator of its credibility is its Trustpilot rating of 4.4 stars.

Customer reviews on Trustpilot provide valuable insights into GoldStar Trust’s clients’ experiences and satisfaction levels. Analyzing a range of customer feedback, both positive and negative, allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s performance.

Positive reviews frequently highlight GoldStar Trust’s exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff, and ease of opening and managing self-directed IRAs. Clients appreciate the professionalism and responsiveness of the team, as well as their willingness to provide guidance and answer questions. The company’s commitment to personalized support and the expertise of its employees contribute significantly to positive customer experiences.

Wide range of options to invest

Furthermore, customers often express satisfaction with the wide range of investment options available through GoldStar Trust. The organization is known for helping investors buy real estate, precious metals, private enterprises, and church bonds. This flexibility and diversity of investment opportunities attract investors seeking to transform their portfolios and explore unconventional assets within their self-directed IRAs.

While most customer reviews reflect positive experiences, it is also important to consider any negative feedback. Some clients have expressed concerns about the fee structure and have mentioned that fees can be higher than other custodians. Additionally, a few individuals have reported challenges in navigating the online platform or delays in processing transactions. However, it is worth noting that these negative reviews are relatively few compared to the overall positive sentiment expressed by GoldStar Trust’s customers.

Considering the Trustpilot rating of 4.4 stars and the generally positive customer feedback, GoldStar Trust demonstrates its commitment to delivering quality services and maintaining customer satisfaction. The company’s dedication to personalized support, diverse investment options, and knowledgeable staff contributes to its reputation as a reliable self-directed IRA custodian.

Self-Directed IRA: Benefits and Overview

Definition and Concept

Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) give investors more investment alternatives than regular IRAs.This IRAs let investors invest in real estate, precious metals, private enterprises, and more. This concept of self-direction empowers investors to have greater control over their retirement savings and explore investment opportunities beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Advantages of Self-Directed IRAs

Diversification with Alternative Investments:

One of the significant benefits of a Self-Directed IRA is the ability to diversify one’s investment portfolio. By investing in alternative assets, investors can reduce their exposure to the volatility of traditional markets and potentially enhance their long-term returns. Diversification across various asset classes can help protect against market downturns and provide opportunities for growth in different economic conditions.

Control and Flexibility:

With a Self-Directed IRA, investors have greater control and flexibility over their retirement funds. They can choose investments aligning with their financial goals, risk tolerance, and personal interests. This level of control allows for more active involvement in the investment decision-making process, offering a sense of empowerment and the potential to maximize returns based on one’s unique investment strategy.

Alignment with Personal Beliefs:

Self-Directed IRAs offer the opportunity to invest in assets that align with personal beliefs and values. Investors can choose to support companies or projects that promote social or environmental causes they are passionate about. This aspect of self-direction allows individuals to have a direct impact on the investments they make, ensuring their retirement funds are in line with their ethical and moral considerations.

Tax Advantages and Asset Protection:

Self-Directed IRAs offer tax advantages, unlike traditional IRAs. Depending on the type of account (Traditional or Roth), contributions may be tax-deductible or tax-free, respectively. Additionally, any growth or earnings on investments within the report can be tax-deferred or potentially tax-free, depending on the specific circumstances. Self-Directed IRAs also provide asset protection, as retirement funds held within these accounts are generally shielded from creditors and bankruptcy proceedings.

Comparison with Traditional IRAs

When comparing Self-Directed IRAs to standard IRAs, the main difference is the investment possibilities accessible. Traditional IRAs often limit investments to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other classic financial instruments. In contrast, Self-Directed IRAs offer a wider range of investment options, including alternative assets. While conventional IRAs provide simplicity and ease of use, Self-Directed IRAs appeal to those wanting more broad and tailored investing choices inside their retirement accounts.

GoldStar Trust Company is committed to providing investors with the facts and insight to make educated decisions about their retirement funds. Individuals can acquire useful insights into their retirement investing strategy by investigating the benefits and advantages of Self-Directed IRAs.

GoldStar Trust Products and Services

When it comes to self-directed IRAs, GoldStar Trust Company offers not only a wide range of services but also an impressive selection of investment products. Let’s delve into the products and services they provide to help investors maximize their retirement savings:


GoldStar Trust is a reliable guardian of valuable metals like silver, gold, platinum, and palladium bullion. These tangible assets help diversify your self-directed IRA and protect against market volatility.

The ability to hold physical metals adds a unique dimension to your retirement strategy, providing you with a tangible store of value.


Custodial Services: As a custodian, GoldStar Trust ensures the safekeeping and proper administration of your self-directed IRA assets. Whether you’re investing in precious metals, real estate, private businesses, or other alternative assets, they securely hold and manage your investments on your behalf. With their expertise and infrastructure, you can confidently navigate the complexities of self-directed IRAs.

Trustee Services: GoldStar Trust also acts as a trustee for self-directed IRAs. Their experienced team is responsible for managing your account, making investment decisions, and ensuring compliance with IRS regulations. By serving as your trustee, they provide guidance and oversight, giving you the confidence to pursue your investment strategies while adhering to the applicable rules and regulations.

Escrow/Paying Agent Services: GoldStar Trust offers escrow and paying agent services, facilitating transactions and payments related to your self-directed IRA investments. GoldStar Trust acts as a reliable intermediary if you’re buying or selling assets within your IRA or need assistance with income distributions. They ensure that your transactions are executed accurately and on time, streamlining the process for you.

With its diverse range of investment products, including precious metals, and its comprehensive suite of services, GoldStar Trust empowers investors to take control of their retirement savings. By leveraging their expertise and utilizing their custodial, trustee, and escrow/paying agent services, you can confidently navigate the world of self-directed IRAs and capitalize on a broader array of investment opportunities.

Fee Structure and Pricing

When considering a self-directed IRA custodian like GoldStar Trust Company, it’s essential to understand the fee structure associated with their services. Here are some important fees you should be aware of:

Traditional Assets

You’ll be charged a one-time setup fee of $25 when establishing a self-directed IRA with traditional assets. An annual maintenance fee of $65 is also set to cover the ongoing administrative costs.

Hedge Funds

For investors interested in including hedge funds in their self-directed IRA, there is an annual asset holding fee of $50. Additionally, a $25 trading fee per trade applies when buying or selling hedge fund investments.

Real Estate

When you use a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate, there is a one-time setup fee of $50. There is also an annual maintenance fee ranging from $200 to $300, depending on the value of the real estate assets. A purchase/sale fee of $100 is charged for each transaction, and an administrative-legal fee between $50 and $100 may apply for certain real estate-related processes.

Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals costs $50. The annual maintenance fee can range to a maximum of $275, depending on the value of the precious metals in your IRA. Additionally, a minimum depository storage fee of $100 per year ensures the secure storage of your precious metals. If you decide to take distributions in the form of precious metals, there is a $40 distribution fee.

Perth Mint Certificates

Investors interested in Perth Mint Certificates within their self-directed IRA are subject to a $50 setup fee. Each transaction involving these certificates has a $40 trade/sale fee. An annual maintenance fee of $75 and an annual asset holding fee of $150 apply.

It is important to note that these fees may change over time, so it’s advisable to contact GoldStar Trust directly for the most up-to-date fee schedule. They can provide detailed information on the costs associated with specific investment options and any potential updates to the fee structure.

By contacting GoldStar Trust, you can ensure you have the latest information on fees, enabling you to make informed decisions and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of their self-directed IRA services.

Customer Service and Support

Having reliable and responsive customer service is crucial when managing your self-directed IRA. GoldStar Trust understands this and takes pride in offering excellent support to its clients. Here is a summary of their customer service and support options:

24/7 Customer Support

GoldStar Trust provides round-the-clock customer support to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. You can reach their dedicated support team via phone, email, live chat, or website. Rest assured; you’ll always have support available whenever you require assistance.

Knowledge Base

GoldStar Trust’s website features a comprehensive knowledge base that contains answers to frequently asked questions. This resource can be extremely helpful, providing quick and informative solutions to common queries about self-directed IRAs and related services.

Reputation for Responsive Service

GoldStar Trust has built a reputation for being helpful and responsive in customer service. They prioritize ensuring that clients receive the assistance they need promptly and efficiently. This commitment to customer satisfaction has garnered positive feedback and trust from their clientele.

To contact GoldStar Trust and access their customer service, here are the available channels:

Phone: You can reach their support team at (800) 486-6888. This allows for direct communication and personalized assistance.

Website: Visit GoldStar Trust’s website at to explore their services and access additional information.

Email: GoldStar Trust also offers email support via an email submission form on its website, allowing you to send your inquiries or requests for assistance conveniently.

Social Media: Customers may reach GoldStar Trust’s customer care staff via Facebook.

These support channels ensure that clients can choose the method that suits them best, whether they prefer direct communication, online interactions, or accessing self-help resources. GoldStar Trust’s commitment to providing comprehensive customer service and support demonstrates its dedication to assisting clients throughout their self-directed IRA journey.

Comparison with Other Self-Directed IRA Custodians

When choosing a self-directed IRA custodian, comparing different options is important to ensure you make an informed decision. Let’s compare GoldStar Trust with other custodians, IRA Financial Group and The Entrust Group, based on key factors such as fees, customer service, and investment options.

Other Self-Directed IRA Custodians:

  • IRA Financial Group
  • The Entrust Group
Feature GoldStar Trust Other Custodians
Fees GoldStar Trust has many service fees. Setup, annual maintenance, trading, and distribution expenses. Investment type and account size determine fees.


Other custodians may charge higher feeses
Customer Service GoldStar Trust provides superior customer service. They provide 24/7 phone, email, live chat, knowledge base, and social media help. This guarantees support and answers anytime you need them. Limited customer service opportunities
Investment Options GoldStar Trust offers several investments. Hedge funds, real estate, precious metals, Perth Mint Certificates, annuities, and offshore bank accounts are options. They also provide church bonds and loans.


Other custodians may specialize in certain investment categories, limiting options.


By comparing these custodians, you can assess which aligns best with your needs. GoldStar Trust stands out with its diverse investment options, comprehensive customer service, and competitive fee structure. Other custodians may have different fee structures or specialize in specific types of investments.

Ultimately, we encourage you to consider GoldStar Trust for your self-directed IRA needs. Their broad investment options, reliable customer service, and transparent fee structure make them a compelling choice. However, evaluating your requirements and preferences is important before making a final decision. Research and compare self-directed IRA custodians to find the one best suit your specific goals and investment strategy.

Tips for Choosing a Self-Directed IRA Custodian

When selecting a self-directed IRA custodian, making an informed choice is crucial for the success of your retirement investments. Here are some practical tips to help you in the selection process:

Do Your Research:

Take the time to research and compare different custodians. When searching for trustworthy companies, consider GoldStar Trust, known for its outstanding service and diverse investment options.

Check Licensing and Regulation:

Ensure the custodian is properly licensed and regulated. GoldStar Trust, for instance, follows industry standards and laws, ensuring your assets are safe.

Evaluate Fee Structure:

Understand the fee structure associated with the custodian’s services. GoldStar Trust offers competitive rates, but reviewing and comparing fees is important to ensure they align with your financial goals.

Assess Investment Options:

Consider the investment options available through the custodian. GoldStar Trust offers diverse investment opportunities, including stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, and alternative investments.

Consider Customer Service:

Look for custodians that provide exceptional customer service and support. GoldStar Trust is known for its reliable and responsive customer service. It offers 24/7 support through various channels, including phone, email, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Understand Account Management:

Familiarize yourself with the custodian’s account management system. GoldStar Trust provides a simple-to-use online platform, empowering you to effortlessly manage and access your investments.

Seek Recommendations and Read Reviews:

Seek recommendations from trusted sources, such as financial advisors or individuals with experience in self-directed IRAs. Additionally, read customer reviews to gain insights into GoldStar Trust’s reputation and the experiences of other investors.

Ask Questions:

Don’t hesitate to contact GoldStar Trust and ask specific questions about their services, investment expertise, and processes. Their experienced team can provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Choosing GoldStar Trust as your self-directed IRA custodian can provide you with the necessary expertise, investment options, and reliable customer service to support your retirement goals. Take the time to consider these tips, do your due diligence, and ensure that GoldStar Trust aligns with your investment objectives. Your retirement savings deserve the best custodial services, and GoldStar Trust offers a compelling option to consider.


After carefully evaluating the services provided by GoldStar Trust and conducting a comprehensive analysis, we can confidently respond to the query, “Is GoldStar Trust legit?” Our thorough examination reveals that GoldStar Trust is indeed a legitimate and reliable custodian for self-directed IRAs. With its extensive experience, strong reputation for dedicated customer service, and comprehensive range of investment options, GoldStar Trust emerges as a reputable choice for investors looking to diversify their retirement portfolios. However, individuals must assess their needs, compare options, and conduct further research before deciding.

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