Genesis Gold Group Review – Protect Your Wealth?

genesis gold group review

On this page you find a Genesis Gold Group Review written for you. Retirement is the stage that comes in the life of every individual, however, the difference is determined by the way we perceive this time.

Company: Genesis Gold Group


Owner: Jacob Diaz (Co-Founder), Bradley Garrett (Senior Vice President)

Who is it for: Precious metals investors, retirees, etc

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I believe that instead of perceiving retirement as an end of life, it should be treated as the commencement of a new stage of life – a stage in which there is no restriction to try new things or explore the world. 

Investing your retirement funds in a secure place is one of the best ways to have good financial capital to enjoy this exciting phase of your life. 

Having a good return will make you financially sound when you are done with all of your responsibilities and want to explore the world with your spouse. 

Nevertheless where to find this reliable place? Have you come across the name Genesis Gold Group before? If not, then should check them out because they are the leading company that deals in Gold IRA accounts and is compliant with all applicable rules and standards. 

Want to enjoy financial freedom even after retirement? Then let’s get started.

What is Genesis Gold Group?

The Genesis Gold Group allows you to save your wealth in the form of gold and silver and secure your future. 

The group believes that precious metals like gold and silver empower a unique faith-driven stewardship in you that is an integral part of keeping a balanced portfolio. 

During these troubling times, there is no other way to protect your wealth. Are you thinking whether your money will be in safe hands or not? Do not worry because the group possesses more than 50 years of experience in the metal industry. 

Moreover, it also has knowledgeable and experienced experts who not only guide you to save your wealth in the form of gold or silver but also give suggestions that will enable you to grow with Gold IRA. 

What Is Meant by Gold IRA? 

In case you do not have an idea about what is Gold IRA, then let me tell you what is it. It refers to a retirement account for an individual in which silver, gold, or any other precious metal is kept in custody for the benefit of the account older. The account functions similarly and the only difference is that instead of having paper assets, it possesses physical bars or bullion coins. 

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Will You Be Eligible To Pay Tax With a Gold IRA?

By integrating precious metals into your retirement plans, you will not have to bear immediate tax consequences. However, after buying precious metals within your Gold IRA account, you will have to face some tax deductions that will be dependent on your age and earnings. 

Moreover, the sole taxable action is also dependent on withdrawal from the IRA account which is done by selling your metals. 

How Many Products Are Offered by Genesis Gold Group?

Genesis offers a wide range of options to save your wealth in the form of precious metals. The precious metals available at the Genesis Group are discussed below.

Gold Coin – Best for Long-Term Interests

It is one of the most valuable assets available to all account holders. The major benefit of investing in this metal is that its value only grows due to its purity and limited supply worldwide. 

Therefore, all of you who are interested in safeguarding your long-term interests must invest in gold coins. 

Interested in buying gold coins, see below the available gold coin collection.

Silver Coin – Best for Early Investors

The second important coin that is worth considering for all Gold IRA account holders is Silver. Though the price of this metal is less than gold, however, it is the best way to start investing. Investing in this metal will allow you to start your growth and enjoy a good lifestyle after retirement. 

For all those who are interested in buying this coin, see the collection of silver coins below

Platinum Coin – Best for Long-Term Investors

Another important coin available to Gold IRA account holders is a platinum coin. It is one of the rare metals and is suitable for investors who want to make long-term investments. 

A glimpse of the Platinum coin collection is shown below

Palladium Coin – Best for Diversifying the Retirement Portfolio

For any of you who want to diversify your retirement portfolio, then investing in Palladium coin is the best option. Due to its increasing demand in different industries, it is expected that its price will increase which will consequently benefit the investors. 

In the case of Palladium coins, there are only two options, however, investing in them will never allow you to regret your decision. 

How to Set Up a Gold IRA?

If you are new to a Gold IRA account, then you need not worry, the Genesis Gold group guides you comprehensively and allows you to set up your Gold IRA by following these simple steps:

Step 1: 

First, you have to complete your IRA application and for this purpose, you will be designated with a self-directed and trusted custodian who will help you to complete the application. The application once completed can be either mailed physically or signed via DocuSign. 

You can select the option that suits you as the IRA processing team will facilitate you in every aspect. 

Step 2:

The second step deals with transferring your funds. The transfer process of a Gold IRA enables you to transfer the existing and qualified retirement funds without any penalty or tax. 

The specialized team at Genesis Gold Group directs you to the contemporary custodian or bank to request the transfer of existing funds. 

Step 3:

Having years of experience in the metal industry, their team of experts will properly guide you on how to purchase precious metals including gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum. 

All of these metals will be held at the Delaware depository supported by ICE and CME. The assets kept in this depository possess a worth of 1 billion dollars. 

What is the Fee Structure?

To set up your account, you can rely on the fee structure that suits best your needs. These fee structures are shown below

Which Metal Coins Can be Included in Gold IRA?

Some of the precious coins that are eligible to be included in the Gold IRA are shown below. Some of the prominent coins include British Britannia, Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Americal Eagle. 

Are There Any Contribution Limits? 

Yes, the Gold IRA account is subjected to some contribution limits. For instance, the investor below 50 years is only allowed to deposit $6000 in a year whereas, at the age of 50 years, the contribution limit is exceeded to $7,000 per year. 

Customer Support

Genesis Gold Group is a leading and trusted Gold IRA company. The company offers seamless support to its customers via telephone support. You can call them any time and get information or solve your queries at the expense of your comfort. 

In addition to this, you can also request to receive a copy of the definitive gold guide from Genesis Gold Group which is completely free. 

The guide will not only provide you with thorough information on the usefulness of a Gold IRA account but also enable you to realize the market reputation of Genesis Gold Group in protecting your wealth. 

The bottom Line

To conclude, Genesis Gold Group is a reliable way to protect your wealth by investing in precious metals. 

Having more than 50 years of experience and a team of experienced professionals, the platform offers you an easy and dependable way to have a good quality of life even after retirement.

Therefore, any of you who want to protect your wealth and have a good life in a hassle-free manner then you could possibly consider on Genesis Gold Group.

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Hope you found this short review on Genesis Gold Group to be helpful! Please share your own thoughts and experience if you have any in the comment section below!

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