Gold is the King of metals, and I guess you can say silver is the Queen, right? During history, at least what we know of gold has played an important role. Nowadays, it is a popular investment, especially in these unstable times. Gold (and silver) is well-known as a hedge against inflation as it preserves or even increases its value even though everything else loses value.

You might look at gold as an investment, as do I; however, it is more than that. How many real-life use cases do you know that gold is needed for? Did you know that it is a crucial component inside mobile phones, for example? Did you know it is also used in aerosol technology? Yes, gold has more roles than simply being a limited metal that people tend to invest in.

However, on this site, we are going to focus on gold as an investment. There are many ways to invest in gold: physical gold bars and coins, bullion, stocks, mining, jewelry, etc.

There is also a way for everyday American retirees like you and me to invest in physical gold through an IRA or a 401(k).

Why is a Gold IRA King?

The tax-saving components gained by doing that make it one of the best, if not the best, ways to invest in the precious metal.

Unfortunately, most Americans have no idea how it works or how to get started.

So, what is the King’s way to invest in gold? Yes, you guessed it. As the name of this site suggests, my absolute favorite way to invest in gold is through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

In short, a gold IRA is a King!

Does that make a silver IRA Queen? Yes, why not?

Investing in a gold IRA could (and should) be a very pleasant and headache-free experience. One big problem is that the industry is filled with wolves’ and sheep’s clothing, preying on uneducated retirees.

So, it is very important to avoid those bad players.

That is where this website comes into play. Here you are going to find the truth that many “gold IRA dealers” out there do not want you to know about.

This is also the reason why I am only going to give you my first name, Mark, and no, I am not an expert, but I am an investor myself, and I do have a working brain, and I like to use it. I really recommend everyone else use their brains as well; it’s pretty beneficial sometimes, instead of listening to “experts” telling you what to do, think, and how to act! I am not the only person who is going to write on this website either, and I am going to protect the other people who will only be naming their first names as well.

Why put gold in an IRA?

You remember the 2008 financial crisis and stock market crash, right? Let us put it this way: those who had gold had a more pleasant experience than those who did not. The market lost 22% in a very short period, and in the meantime, gold lost only 1%, so yeah, gold is a tool to preserve wealth, not to generate wealth.

I would claim that gold is a safety net for “unstable times,” and man, are we in for such times or what? Some years ago, I would have said that gold should be a small part of an intelligent investor’s portfolio, but nowadays, I would vouch for a bit bigger percentage of your total portfolio in gold (and silver), to say the least.

Here at Gold IRA King

We are not telling you to do anything! We are just going to offer information from our own experience and from research made for those of you who are interested in taking part in it. You do what you want with your money just as anyone else does, right?

Hopefully, this site is going to be part of someone’s success and help them come through these bad years in one piece. Again, we will focus on the gold IRA subject, but there is going to be general information on gold and silver, the King and Queen of metals, at least in my humble opinion. We are going to review and rank the best gold investment companies in the industry and also call out the bad players.

That is something that is not completely risk-free, so please keep that in mind. Those bad players can go a long way toward shutting you down, and they have a lot of muscle (and money) to do so.

I hope you will appreciate this website!

The Gold IRA King